The Sort Packer provides an alternative to manual sorting. The Sort Packer features a compact construction; it is designed as a stand-alone facility. The smallest cell is made up of two Flex Pickers and two feeding tracks. These cells are modular and extensible. Each Sort Packer can be extended to include a packaging facility. An A+F Setline can also be added.

The sorting is configurable. The first and second layers can be different when using multi-layer packaging. Various product shapes can be repackaged. Replacement gripper systems are available as an option. A variable packing configuration for bundles is also possible. Normally, products are packaged in the same bundle. However, it is also possible to pack them in plastic boxes. 12-pack bundles can also be converted to 24-pack bundles.

By default, the controller is in the machine. This ensures quick installations. The controller uses a Schneider Electric PacDrive3, or alternatively, a Rockwell controller. Prior to delivery, the A+F Sort Packer is run with original sample materials and a final inspection is documented. All pneumatic machine elements are configured, by default, with components from Festo.

  • Little need for space because of its compact construction
  • Modular system concept allows adaptions to customer’s requirements
  • Central machine operation
  • Flexibility in sort configuration and format changes
Output capacity cycle rate between 30-40 cycles per minute
Products cups, bottles, glasses, etc.
Bundle types trays, plastic boxes, carriers
Electrical connection 230/400V, 50 Hz, ca. XX KVA
Compressed air connection R1″, 6 bar
Module dimensions approx. 4.500 x 2.300 (without feeding tracks) x 2.700 (LxWxH)


  • cups
  • bottles
  • glasses
  • etc.


  • trays
  • plastic boxes
  • carriers

The A+F SortPacker provides a wide range of options and special solutions to cover all specific customer requirements. A separate case erector can be connected to the SortPacker. This can be realized directly or using an additional transport system.

Furthermore the SortPacker can be completed with labeling-, inspection-, and reading systems. Downstream machines from the A+F portfolio can complete the system and increase the profitability accordingly. These include for example packaging machines, case lidding units, partition inserters, etc. The line could then continue with a tray stacker and conveyor to a fully automatic palletizing station. In addition to palletizing A+F also offers a comprehensive package up to the pallet warehouse. If required, the unit can be extended, it consists essentially of modular cells.