The ContiLine is a continuously operating packaging machine. Whether it is boxes, bottles, jars, cans, or cartons, the ContiLine Packer can pack virtually all conceivable products, thereby enabling outputs of up to 60 trays/cases per minute. Its design in particular is for operation in a wet environment.

The format-flexibility of the case line provides the ability of producing open trays, wrap-around cases, trays with shoulder tabs and shoulder trays. The modular design enables the use of the ContiLine in the most versatile fields of operation. Each working station provides excellent visibility and accessibility. The control unit optimized for best operator and service support makes the ContiLine extremely simple and user-friendly.


ContiLine Packmaschine
  • High performance up to 60 trays / minute
  • Product infeed tailored to required performance levels – with optional supply of products from multiple filling lines
  • High format-flexibility of the case line enabling the production of open trays, wrap-around trays, trays with shoulder tabs and shoulder trays
  • Machine design with separation between working and drive levels ensuring an easy wash-down cleaning
  • Low per-piece production cost driven by high quality, built-to-last design and low servicing requirements
  • High dimensional and positioning accuracy with high repeatability
  • Ergonomic design for optimal operability and minimized format changeover time below 10 minutes
Performance max. 3,600 cases/h
Tray/Case size range min. 86 x 154 x 60 mm (LxWxH)
max. 310 x 410 x 270 mm (LxWxH)
PLC Schneider Electric / Allen Bradley


  • Packing of boxes, bottles, jars, cans or beverage cartons

Type of Final Packaging

  • Open Trays
  • Wrap-Around Trays
  • Shoulder trays
  • Integration to upstream and downstream equipment
  • Customized, application-specific configurations and technical solutions
  • Coding systems (Inkjet)
  • Product Contamination Detection Systems and separation gates for integrated Quality Control
  • Intelligent Palletizing Solutions