A+F FlexLine for sticks

  • A+F machine for picking sticks featuring 4 servo drives for 3D movement
  • Suction gripper modul ensures reliable and gentle product handling of sticks – Venturi system creates the vacuum
  • Reject system for faulty sticks
  • Stacking shaft on carriage servocontrolled cycling downwards
  • Servocontrolled carriage
  • Gantry modul with gripper system for stacking, pneumatic gripping of piled up sticks
  • Pneumatic tipping device in gripping system
  • Proven A+F ModuLine case line System

Sticks packed in foil as:

4 single sticks / layer

2 two count packs / layer

1 four count pack / layer

A+F System – Detection of sticks by Sensor Techology

Rejecting faulty sticks using filler Signal

Stacking of sticks in Shaft 1 according to pack Formats

Moving of stacking shaft

Removal of stacked sticks from shaft and placement in folded wrap around case

While stacking shaft 1 is in unload position in front of the carton line, stacking shaft 2 is loaded by Flexpicker

Magazine to hold unfolded case blanks

Proven A+F ModuLine case linie with folding and sealing stations

A+F Automation + Fördertechnik GmbH is your partner for turnkey EOL equipment. We also supply control, printing and other systems to complete your production lines

  • Sticks packed in foil as 4 single sticks / layer  or  2 two count packs / layer or 1 four count pack / layer
  • Stick sizes: 235mm x 45mm x 10mm (LxWxH); 12g
  • Output: 12.000 Sticks / per hour
  • Flexpicker Cycle: 1,2 Seconds
  • Packing of Sticks in Wrap-Around-cases
  • Servo Drives by Schneider Electric
  • Central lubrication possible
  • Vacuum pump possible
  • PETG panes in aluminium frame
  • Pilz security door switches
  • Festo pneumatic components
  • Schneider Electric Control
  • HMI Siemens TP 1200 Comfort
  • Individual system design according to customer requirements

A+F guarantees for reliable operation and built-to-last design of all machine components. All bought-in components are  sourced from recognized industrial suppliers  and meet the highest standards of reliability. Every machine passes a detailed and thorough in-house test run prior to dispatch.

  • Quick and reliable format changeover by use of customized format kits and spindle adjustments.
  • Low operational cost reached by high-quality design and low servicing requirements.
  • Prior to delivery every A+F FlexLine is test runned using original test materials. A final test record is also carried out.