Robot Palletizer

Depending on the upstream equipment, the robot palletizer is capable of serving up to 4 production lines, thereby enabling an unmixed product stacking on the pallet. Mixed product pallets can be produced by stacking the product in alternating sequence.

Inside the palletizing area, every production line has its assigned space for empty pallet storage, product palletizing, and storage of the loaded pallets. The feeding of empty pallets and the discharge of loaded pallets either is by pallet trucks or conveyors. From the individual lines the product moves in by belt conveyors for being collated into layers. Depending on the performance requirements and the pallet load pattern, the trays/cases are grouped in either rows, semi-layers or complete layers. On completion of a row or layer, the robot moves into position for product pickup by its gripper head.

Handling semi or complete layers, a servo driven roller layer is used for placing the product. On its move from the collation conveyor towards the pallet, the product is securely hold and centered from both sides. For final placement of the product the roller layer retracts from below.

Slip sheets can be used to secure the pallet load.

Depending on the performance requirements, the slip sheets can be applied from a dedicated slip sheet feeder or by the palletizing robot itself, with a vacuum suction unit integrated to the gripper head. In this case the slip sheet pickup is straight from a pallet or slip sheet magazine.



  • Palletizer and pallet transport come with all required safety features. This includes a complete fence around the machine as well as a secured entry to the palletizing and layer preparation area. The interface with the pallet transport is secured by a light curtain.
  • Prior to delivery every A + F palletizer is test run using original test materials. A final test record is also carried out.
  • All A+F palletizing systems are delivered ready for connection to power and compressed air supplies.
  • Use of industrial robots from either ABB or KUKA.
  • For all pneumatic functions, Festo components are supplied as standard.
Performance up to 70 trays/min. resp. 175 layers/h
Products trays, cases, shrink trays, plastic crates, etc.
Electrical connection 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 18 kVA
Compressed air connection

R ¾”, 6 bar; 5 Nm³/h

Supply pipe

R 1″